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Enjoy Your Scooter This Season by Following These Simple Guidelines

Owning a scooter can help you easily navigate around busy metropolitan cities. The warmer weather is a perfect time to bring out the scooter. Riders should make sure they properly maintain their scooters, have a scooter insurance policy and the appropriate safety equipment.


Properly maintaining your scooter helps ensure it lasts for years. Like any motorized vehicle, the scooter needs regular maintenance which includes a good wash. Make sure brake pads are in good condition, replace the air filter annually and replace sparkplugs following mileage guidelines for the brand.


As seen on, scooter riders need similar insurance as motorcycle riders. Scooters can still cause bodily injury in a crash. Having insurance not only helps you should you be in an accident, but it is often required by law to operate on the road.


A helmet protects your head and is a necessity in most states. In addition to protecting your noggin, scooter riders should wear sturdy shoes and a protective jacket. Leather jackets are a favorite to protect arms, chests and backs from road rash.

Good maintenance keeps your scooter running smoothly. Scooter insurance protects your financial assets in the event of a crash while safety equipment helps protect your body. These are just a few things to do before jumping on and riding down the street.