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Employment Practices Liability Explained

If you have employees, then you should also make sure that you have adequate employment practices liability coverage as well in order to protect yourself from any legal actions that they might bring against you. No employer wants to deal with sexual harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination claims, but sometimes no matter how carefully you tread you might wind up unknowingly offending someone.

Practices Protection

Employment practices liabilitydeals with the Civil Rights Act, age discrimination, mental and physical disabilities, family and medical leave and equal employment opportunity. Equal employment opportunity alone also includes different types of discrimination, including sex, religion, retaliation, sexual harassment

employment practices liability
employment practices liability

, genetic information, age, race and national origin. You might want to brush up on the different kinds of employment practices laws so that you can be better informed should you ever be involved in a liability case.

Employment Practices Insurance

With an employment practices policy, you’ll be protected in the unfortunate event that an employee brings a lawsuit against you. With the advancing of technology, employees are also concerned about any electronically stored private information that their employer might have on them. Such instances aren’t covered with an employment practices liability policy, but they are handled by cyber liability and network security insurance policies.

Since you can only receive the benefits of employment practices at the time that a lawsuit is filed, you’ll want to make sure that you act fast on getting coverage.