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Dog Bite Homeowners Insurance: Are You Covered?

Many people love dogs. But if someone is bitten, they expect the owner to be held liable. Dog bite homeowners insurance usually comes to the rescue. Dog bite insurance claims are the most common on homeowners insurance policies. They account for about a third of claims annually. This is all great and good if you own a home and have insurance. But many pet owners are left high and dry. Some policies even exclude certain breeds from coverage. If you are a renter and have renters insurance, you might have some protection, but if you do not have some kind of liability insurance, you could be left unprotected.

Most dog bite claims will cost the owner tens of thousands of dollars. That’s a pretty big bill, but a large powerful dog can really hurt someone and cause damage in the hundreds of thousands of dollar range. Without insurance, the dog owner is left to absorb this expense on their own. Make sure you know the laws in your state. Statutes vary a lot. Under some laws you are only liable if you knew or should have known your dog had a propensity to bite. While under other laws, you are held responsible whether or not you should have known your dog had a tendency to bite. Check your dog bite homeowners insurance and make sure you are covered.