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Does My Company Need DBA Insurance?

If your company employs or subcontracts persons that will be working under a U.S. government contract or at a U.S. military base outside of the United States, you need to protect them with Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines and possible imprisonment. Potential lawsuits are inevitable as well.

What Workers’ Positions Are Covered Under DBA Insurance?

DBA insurance can protect a large number of non-military workers outside the country, including:

• Security workers, both on and off the base

• Construction workers, carpenters, welders and plumbers

• Mechanics and heavy equipment operators

• Pilots and flight attendants

• Drivers, food service personnel and medical staff

• Social workers and scientists

What Does DBA Insurance Cover?

DBA coverage includes such things as temporary and permanent disability, treatment for illnesses and injuries, and death benefits for the worker’s beneficiary and children. The coverage for DBA insurance is similar to workers’ compensation claims in the U.S. The difference is that workers’ compensation only applies to workers that are injured or killed while working in the United States.

If you plan to obtain a government contract for your business where workers will be sent outside the country, or if you expect to send workers to an outside U.S. military base, make sure you protect them with DBA insurance.