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Do You Need Motor Truck Cargo Insurance?

Most truckers have had at least one nightmare about losing cargo while traveling down a busy roadway. Whether you own a fleet of trucks or drive a single for-hire big rig, you can protect yourself from the liability of that nightmare with a low motor truck cargo insurance cost coverage.


A cargo insurance policy can protect any load you carry from a collision, fire, or dumping. Not only can you protect yourself from debris removal costs, but the coverage can provide legal defense expenses, replacement costs, and settlement with the customer.


There are exceptions to the vehicles allowed to purchase special coverage such as limos, garbage trucks, and buses. There are also restrictions on cargo the policy will cover.  This includes

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Explosives
  • Live animals
  • Alcohol
  • Art


The best thing about cargo insurance is that you can tailor the policy to specifically fit the cargo you carry and the storage methods you use. You can also select a coverage limit you are comfortable with based on your deductible. Choose a high deductible if you believe you have little risk, or select a low one if problems are a part of your yearly routine and you don’t want to pay largely out of pocket expenses.


Contact a broker today about motor truck cargo insurance costs and coverage. Protecting yourself with an insurance policy can protect your future.