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Covering Your Restaurant Assets With Insurance

Whether you are a skilled chef wanting to be your own boss or an entrepreneur searching for your next business opportunity, Arizona is a great state to open up a restaurant. Like any establishment, your restaurant can be subject to accidents with property, food and customers. Insurance covers your expenses involving lawsuits, accidents and litigation. Restaurant insurance in Arizona comes with several basic policies and different additions to fully cover any situation your business may encounter.

Food Poisoning Coverage

Handling food is complicated process. In addition, certain foods may cause your clients an unfortunate reaction. A comprehensive food poisoning coverage shields you against medical or legal expenses that may result from this misstep.

Commercial Auto Liability

Delivery and catering is a large part of many restaurants. Whether you have a large fleet of vehicles or one delivery van, commercial auto liability guards your budget when your vehicles undergo an accident or suffer damage.

Liquor Liability

Arizona law requires any location that sells liquor to have liquor liability insurance. Any alcohol you serve to a client may end up causing damages to the client or someone else. This coverage is built to help you deal with potential lawsuits and damages you are required to cover.

Other popular policies include bad weather, fire, crime and delivery catering errors. Finding restaurant insurance in Arizona is possible when you contact an experienced insurance company. Spread your love of cuisine with peace of mind with these policies.