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Coverage Types Can Vary When It Comes to Employment Agency Insurance

Reliable employment agency insurance must include coverage for a variety of circumstances. The following are just a few of the coverage types essential for staffing agencies. With these policies in place, those at the helm of staffing agencies can remain protected no matter what.

Professional Liability

A professional liability policy can help address ongoing legal fees when it comes to lawsuits alleging negligence, which can become quite costly over time. Even the most successful companies may find themselves floundering as a result of a single lawsuit, which is why professional liability coverage is so important.

Workers’ Compensation

Most states require that businesses retaining more than five employees must offer workers’ compensation coverage. Appropriate coverage can address loss of wages due to work-related injury or illness. Worker’s compensation insurance can also provide benefits in the event of a worker’s death on the job, as well as covering medical expenses.

Auto-Liability (Hired and Non-Owned)

Auto-liability coverage is essential for businesses that regularly make use of company work vehicles. These policies can differ depending on whether the vehicles are owned by the company or merely rented. In the event of an accident of company work vehicle, such insurance can cover the cost of repairs, as well as damages incurred.

When seeking employment agency insurance, different plans may be necessary to ensure a company remains completely covered. The right insurance agency can advise a business on selecting the appropriate policies for their needs.