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Cops and Robbers

Vice, Hotline, CSI — Miami seems to have all the fun. Okay, so Orlando does have theme parks. It’s got that going for it. Besides, who wants an Orlando Vice? Those police chases are dangerous, even if you’re not involved, which is why it’s good to have car insurance in Orlando, FL.

Just picture it. Alarms are blaring, some masked thugs bolt out of the bank and jump into their car, one probably does a cool slide across the hood, and their off! Just behind them the sirens are sounding as police try desperately to close the gap. It’s all so exciting. Just like an action movie!

Except you are sitting in traffic waiting for the light to change so you can get to work on time. Instead of “oh cool!”, the thought “oh great!” comes to mind as you hear the sirens. You try to pull over to get out of the way like the responsible citizen you are, but before you’re out of the way the car bearing the crooks comes whizzing by and busts the mirror off the side of your car. After briefly contemplating chasing them down in an act of revenge-driven vigilante justice, you decide to let the cops handle it, and sit happily on the fact that you got car insurance in Orlando, Fl. That mirror is covered.

Not every day is an action movie, but from small scratches to full on crashes, keeping your car insured is always a good idea.