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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

A business lawsuit can be time-consuming and expensive, as any good business owner realizes. And when that risk comes from within, as in disgruntled workers or former employees, you should take the necessary steps of prevention to ensure you are protected from costly and lengthy lawsuits.


One vital way to protect your business is to have seminars that inform your employees on how to avoid on-the-job injuries, what duties qualify them for promotions, what the company defines as sexual harassment and the companies stance on such issues, and what your benefits plan is comprised of. By giving them a sense of what can be expected, as well as examples of what the company considers in line with the business model, you have passed on valuable knowledge to those who help run and operate your company.


Additionally, you should have in place Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) in the event of a lawsuit. EPLI pays for damages and defense costs fro cases alleging wrongful termination or discrimination, sexual harassment, disputes about wages and hours, disciplinary charges, failure to promote, mismanagement of the business’s benefit plan, and other claims.


A good human resource department can deter such incidents from occurring. You have probably spent years creating and maintaining a business that provides goods and/or services to a demanding public. Protect your business and enjoy the peace of mind you will receive from having the insurance plan you need and deserve.