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Being Clear About Liability Insurance for the Small Firm

A small to mid-size law firm generally employs less than 50 people. These small, intimate firms have specialized insurance needs. Small law firm attorney liability insurance protect lawyers.

Clear Coverage

An important factor in deciding on what type of coverage to obtain is finding out exactly what practices are covered. Preferably the insurance company covers all practices.

Clear Underwriting

No one wants a murky insurance policy. For liability insurance, policies should be clear, and should also have clauses that specifically apply to the firm that is being covered.

Clear Expertise

Who better to specialize in the needs of small law firm attorney liability insurance that lawyers who are experienced in underwriting for law firms? Underwriters who have experience with the law are more aware of the types of risks that lawyers face.

Clear Limits

Law firms looking for insurance should be aware of the minimum buy-in of the insurance. In addition, firms should also know the limits of their liability insurance. Knowing how much is covered allows these firms to assess their risk on individual cases.

Being a part of a law firm is more than satisfying clients. Law firms have to protect themselves from potential lawsuits from disgruntled clients, or even from disgruntled employees. A savvy law knows that liability insurance is a necessary expense and should seek coverage.