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Claim Statistics About Home Insurance in Florida

In 2013, when a home in Tampa fell through a sinkhole, it made national news. This type of destruction is rare, but there are many different types of damages that can happen to your home. Knowing the statistics about homeowners’ claims with insurers helps you understand what risks you face. This lets you work with your agent to get the home insurance in Orlando, FL that fits your needs and gives you peace of mind.

Property damage, which includes theft, is the main reason homeowners make a claim on their insurance. Although it seems as if electronics would be the top claim in a burglary of the home, it’s actually jewelry loss that holds the number one spot. In 2012, jewelry accounted for 16 percent of the total claims, with electronics and apparel tying for second at 13 percent each.

Talk to agent about the contents of your home to get the correct amount of home insurance in Orlando, FL that fits the needs of your home. Find out what risks you face and get the coverage that works for your budget. Get information about maintaining your home to avoid needing to make a claim. Your agent has industry information that helps you make good decisions about your needs. Use their knowledge to protect your home from what you can, and get insurance to cover your risks.