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BOP Insurance with Additional Coverage Options

Independent contractors, restaurants and retail stores may benefit from a BOP, which can protect against financial losses resulting from liability claims. BOP insurance in Carmel may contain basic coverages, such as general liability, property and professional liability. However, exposure to other risks may make it beneficial to add specialized policies.

Cyber liability insurance protects businesses and their clients in the event of cyber attacks and data breaches. These solutions can offer data security coverage and services that help restore personal identities and notify customers of the breach. Depending on need, it may also help with recovering the cost of legal expenses and protect from damage to data and equipment as a result of an attack.

Accounts receivable insurance may help limit risks associated with sales growth in new and emerging markets domestically and abroad. Also known as trade credit insurance, this type of policy covers a business against financial losses resulting from the inability to collect money due from clients. This can be as a result of records damaged in a catastrophe, the refusal of goods or unexpected cancellation of import or export permits.

BOP insurance in Carmel can be tailored to fit specific needs and industries. Additionally, packages can be created that include Worker’s Comp, employment practices liability and crucial other coverage areas a small business may require.