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The Benefits of Canine Liability Insurance

Having a dog brings a lot of joy to families, but many households do not think about protecting themselves from liability in the event their dog bites someone else. Dog bites affect 4.7 million people every year, so having coverage for dog bite insurance claims is important, even if your dog has a sweet temperament.

Coverage for all Dog Types

Most types of canine liability insurance policies cover each dog individually, which means that all dog types can be covered. If you own a breed of dog that has been labeled as potentially being dangerous, you can still be protected.

Protects Against a Variety of Injuries

An insurance policy can protect against a number of different injuries to both people and other animals. These injuries include bites, scratches, or falls. Dogs with a history of causing injury will also be considered for coverage.

Number of Limit Options

Most policies will offer different limit options for dog bite insurance claims. They range from $25,000 to $300,000 in most cases. Many policies do not require a deductible, either.

Increases Rental Options

One complication of having a dog is that some rental properties will not allow them unless you have canine liability coverage. It is also possible to add a property manager or landlord as an additional insured.