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Around the Clock Insurance Policies

Convenience stores, like many businesses, face risks every day during normal operations. Convenience stores insurance is designed to address risks common to all businesses, but also some of the more specific problems and losses that are statistically frequent for stand-alone bodegas or filling stations with relatively low gasoline sales percentage in their revenue mix.

General liability insurance protects against the possibilty someone might claim an injury was your fault. It also generally covers certain damages to property. Any business that has ever had a wet floor or a frozen patch of ground outside has risked being liable in general for injuries sustained.

While it is relevant to many types of businesses, crime loss coverage is often a prominent feature in convenience stores insurance. That’s because the long hours and low staffing convenience stores, combined with the frequency with which they have cash on hand, makes them a common target for robberies and theft.

Due to oversight or equipment failure, you stand to experience a significant loss in the form of food that has gone out of code. An example would be a freezer breaking down, leaving you with some of your most valuable inventory turned into inedible mush.

Get the advice of an agent before you choose an insurance policy. Most general policies don’t offer all the coverage you need for your convenience store business, so ask about specific or stand-alone insurance.