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All-on-4: What Is It?

It’s amazing what a healthy straight smile can do to boost one’s confidence. Those who need to replace their teeth have a range of options to choose from. Gone are the days where dentures were the only options. One of the newest procedures available is the All-on-4 procedure. All-on-4 in Orange County, California is available to those ready to try this cutting-edge technology.

All-on-4 is called such because a full set of replacement teeth is implanted for the upper, lower or both rows using four surgically inserted metal posts for each row. The four posts are evenly distributed at the strongest support structures in the mouth, the canine and molar positions. The teeth themselves are custom-measured to fit each individual. Because they are surgically implanted, there is no need for removal or the extra costs of buying soaking tablets or adhesives, and the teeth can be cleaned just like natural teeth. I

The greatest thing about this process is that it doesn’t take several visits over time. The procedure can safely be performed in one day. Patients should be advised that it does require the administration of full anesthesia and that they must have a designated driver to bring them and drop them off. For more information and a consultation for All-on-4 in Orange County, visit this website.