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3 Uncommon Types of Insurance Your Nursing Home Needs

Like any business, your nursing home facility should have the right policies in place for your property and employees, but you might not have all the insurance you actually need. Consider these uncommon policies when shopping for nursing home insurance rates.

Cyber Liability

Businesses often use computer software and the cloud to keep and store records. While this is efficient, it’s also more likely to be breached. If a breach occurs, your employees and residents could find their information compromised. A cyber liability policy helps with the bills you incur during any court dates.

Beauticians Insurance

Most nursing home facilities hire beauticians to take care of residents on site. Because these people are not officially employees, they aren’t covered by your traditional insurance policies. When shopping for nursing home insurance rates, look for barbers and beauticians insurance, which covers them in the event of injury or any other mishap while they’re on the property.

Business Interruption

An emergency can interrupt any type of business. If your facility falls victim to a natural disaster and residents temporarily or permanently move to other homes, you won’t be earning income. A business interruption policy will help you cover loss of income in a situation such as this.

An insurance professional will be able to help you decide on nursing home insurance rates that fit your needs. Above all, always do research to ensure you’re doing what’s best for your home.