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3 Types of Risks Involved in Running a Dance Studio

As an owner or manager of a dance studio, you likely know a few of the hazards that may affect your business’ success. No matter whether you specialize in particular traditional styles of dance such as ballet or focus on fitness-related movements like yoga, you could benefit from speaking with an insurance agent about the potential protections afforded by a tailored dance studio insurance plan.

1. General Liability Insurance

Since you operate a business in the public sphere as well as an exercise environment, you could be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur on your property. From patron slip and falls to sprained and broken joints of students, protect your business investments from claims by researching a solid dance studio insurance plan that includes general liability insurance.

2. Auto Insurance

Some dance studio owners do not consider the necessity of business auto insurance until it is too late. Any studio buses or vehicles used to transport dance students to competitions will likely need auto insurance. Speak with your insurance agent about the different types available to suit your needs.

3. Professional Liability Insurance

A strong professional liability policy can help cover your requirements in case of negligence claims. Accidents can happen even if you try your best to avoid them so the safeguard of a professional liability policy can give you some peace of mind.

By taking the time now to research all the available options in a specific dance studio insurance plan, you can protect the future of your business.