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3 Trends Affecting the Dry Cleaning Industry

People will always need their clothes cleaned. The need for dry cleaners has not waned in recent years. However, the future of dry cleaning industry may look a little different than it does today.

Mobile Apps

As seen on, mobile apps have become a part of nearly every industry. Dry cleaning is no exception. Companies can implement these apps to allow customers to order services, schedule pick-ups, handle drop-offs, pay bills and monitor orders. The more user-friendly the app, the more likely customers are to use them.

Environmentally Friendly 

The green revolution has extended into the dry cleaning industry. Customers increasingly want to use companies that use environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques and solutions. A green company also disposes of waste properly to lower their environmental impact.

Combined Services

Companies can expand the services they offer by combining dry cleaning with laundry services. Urban areas often have many people without their own washers and dryers. Capture some of this market by offering self-service washers and dryers with dry cleaning services. You can then include delivery options for dry cleaning customers to reach even more customers.

The future of dry cleaning industry focuses on reinventing certain aspects of a stable service. These trends can help your business move into the future and improve your customer service.