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3 Things to Know About Independent Insurance Agents

If you are in the market for various insurance products, it may be wise to find an independent insurance agent or broker who can help you in your search. So, what are independent insurance agents, and how can they assist you with your insurance needs? Here are three things to understand about independent agents or brokers before you sign any contracts or documents.

1. How Brokers or Independent Agents Operate

Often, independent agents can provide potential clients with broader insurance options. Brokerages offer many insurance products instead of captive agents who only provide policies exclusive to one insurance carrier.

2. The Advantages of Using Independent Agents

Getting quotes from multiple carriers in a short time is one of the significant benefits of using an independent agent. They can help you find the right provider, product and premium to fit your budget and personal needs.

3. The Differences Between Agents and Brokers

While independent agents and brokers have the same sales approach to insurance products, brokerages are typically larger. Additionally, brokerages may also employ both independent and captive agents. However, brokerages not affiliated with a particular insurance company can still recommend multiple products that best fit your specifications.

With so many insurance products available, it can be challenging to know which policy is the right one for you. However, using an independent agent is beneficial for finding manageable premiums and policies tailored to meet your needs.