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3 Things to Do After Someone Is Injured on Your Land

A troubling concern for any homeowner is the potential of someone getting injured while on their property. Through homeowner’s insurance is generally inclusive of property injuries, it is still an unpleasant situation to deal with. Here is a guide to handling what happens after someone gets hurt in your yard or in your home.

Step 1: Only Express Concern

It is human to feel concerned for the individual, but make sure that is all you express. Evaluate the injury and decide whether it requires emergency services to come to you or it is possible to transport the injured safely. While making the call and in the aftermath, never admit to guilt.

Step 2: Document the Scene

As you are waiting for an ambulance to arrive, document the scene. If you have called 911, it is possible that law enforcement will show up too, but if not, call them to get an official police report. You can take photos of the scene, the injury, the witnesses, and record other important information. The police will take official statements.

Step 3: Call the Insurance Company

As soon as possible, call your insurance agent and tell them what happened. Send over any documentation you have. Your agent will start working on your claim, hopefully minimizing compensation time for you and the injured party.

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Before you face an accident on your property, call your insurance agent to find out the terms of your homeowner’s coverage.