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3 Business Cyber-threats You Should Know

Virtually every business transaction nowadays involves digital infrastructures and electronic information. For small business owners, keeping up with combatting cyber threats can be challenging. Before you formulate your organization’s cyber risk strategy, you should know about three cyber threats businesses commonly face.

1. Digital Malware

Malware is a problem for small companies because it transmits easily. Generally, this type of cyberattack presents itself as a worm or virus that can wreak havoc on a business organization’s infrastructure. It can also steal sensitive company and client information.

2. Outlaw Software

Sometimes, outlaw software winds up on a company’s computers or network. Essentially, this cyber attack seems like legitimate security software, but it isn’t. Before the organization’s IT department can step in, an uninformed employee installs the rogue software. The effects of this type of cyberthreat can range from stolen information to damaged equipment.

3. Phishing

If someone wants to access company information for nefarious purposes, he or she might go on a phishing expedition. This type of cyberattack includes an invitation to share sensitive information via a link that appears to be legitimate.
With the right cyber risk strategy, you can likely protect your organization from these common types of cyber attacks. For even greater peace of mind, consider purchasing cyber liability insurance for your organization.