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2 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Today’s marketing efforts can’t afford to ignore consumer trends and the use of social media. Each industry will have a different approach to advertising and consumer engagement, but according to the experts at Neilson Marketing, a social media strategy for insurance companies should start with the following two steps.

  1. Establish Your Social Media Presence

First of all, work with your team to decide on the marketing goals for your company and how to get consumers to understand your brand. Take a look at your competitor’s social presence, then counter them with your own ideas and strategy. Get your images, logos, and branding up to date, then implement your ideas across different social networks. Create and share content that is engaging, relative, and addresses more than just the service you offer.

  1. Keep Your Presence Active

Your social presence should be active with other areas of the community. Using your business page, “like” or “follow” other community businesses or organizations. Comment on different posts or “like” them, sharing some of this content through your own page or retweeting material you think would be helpful to your clients and prospective customers. Post material that shows your expertise in the area of insurance, but also post information that affects homeowners, business owners, or automobile owners.

A strong social media strategy is a crucial part of a relative marketing plan for insurance agents and companies.